V.A.Wild Rockin' & Boppin' Vol.2

 DROPS Recordに行って、Rockabilly系のアルバムを物色。
 Neo Rockabilly Bandのオムニバス盤を発見!
 以前紹介したBe Be Recordsの
 V.A. Rock'n'Roll X-Masでお気に入りの
 Rockin' CarbonaraやThe Continetalsも収録されている。

 1.Twenty Flight Rock - Rockin' Carbonara
 2.Jump From 6 To 6 - Rocket Wheels
 3.Some Like It Hot - Rocket Wheels
 4.I Ain't Got You - The Prison Band
 5.B-B-Baby - Big Bad Shakin'
 6.Refuse To Lose(My Rockin' Shoes) - The Continentals
 7.Crooning - The Prison Band
 8.99 Chimpanzees - Big Bad Shakin'
 9.Say Mama - Cincinatti Shakers
10.Flying Saucers Rock'n'Roll - Big Black Cadillac
11.Willing And Ready(Alternative Mix1)
   - Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners
12.High Voltage(Alternative Mix1)
   - Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners
13.Woodchopper Bop - The Woodchoppers
14.Mean Mobile - Burnig Vampire
15.Bloody Mary - Burnig Vampire
16.Skeleton Man - Shock Therapy
17.Rock Around The Clock(Live)
   - The Woodchoppers & Guest
18.Jumpback Honey Jumpbak - The Scamps
19.The Woman I Love - Steve Muskrat
20.All Guns A-Blazing(Instrumental) - Steve Muskrat

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